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    LNG power generation project


    Project background:

    The zhuhai LNG project is located in pingpai mountain, gaolan port. It is jointly funded by 8 enterprises, including China offshore oil and gas group, guangdong yudean group and guangzhou development gas investment company.

    Cnooc is committed to developing the zhuhai LNG project into a clean energy supply base in guangdong province and a hub for LNG storage and transfer to southern China

    Project requirements:

    The air-conditioning cooling and circulating water system of the power plant project requires self-cleaning filters to remove suspended impurities from the water to ensure the safe operation of the water system.

    Application scheme:

    Duoling filter self-cleaning filter can realize online automatic cleaning, automatic sewage and other functions. Based on the water quality of cooling circulating water system of cnooc zhuhai LNG power generation project, duoling environment selects automatic self-cleaning filter as the filtering solution of this system through technical confirmation and drawing confirmation.

    The facility has been operating for several months and the entire water system has been effectively modified.

    As a domestic self-cleaning filtration system equipment supplier, duoling filtration system not only provides equipment, but also can provide a full range of filtration solutions for your system!


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