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    With temperature and motivation, CDFS gathers positive energy

          This summer, Changsha has temperature, CDFS has motivation, high temperature of 38 degrees, production workshop (40 degrees) work overtime to complete delivery tasks; high temperature of 38 degrees, marketing partners jump from Fire City (Changsha) to another Fire City (Wuhan) , Serving customers better under the scorching sun.



        The partners are all a group with temperature, and we, CDFS, are also a company with temperature. We start with the details to take care and care of each young man.

    To cool down, get an ice cream, and a watermelon ...


       Get out and prepare a sun hat and pay attention to protection;


         Tired of work, farmhouse fishing, dinner, singing K ...


       In this way, we subtly warm everyone's heart, we also continuously improve the happiness and cohesion of our partners, and we continue to gather positive energy to promote the improvement of performance and the development of the enterprise.

    The article label Psychic warm temperature
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