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    Welcome to Hunan Dawning Filter System Technology Co., Ltd official website

    Hunan Dawning Filter System Technology Co., Ltd

    Committed water filtration system developing and producing since 2002



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    • sucking self-cleaning filter
    • sucking self-cleaning filter
    • sucking self-cleaning filter
    • Screen

    DLX-FW electric sucking self-cleaning filter

    Single unit flow 19-2000m3/h ; Filtration precision 20-4000 micron;



     When water enters the coarse screen from the outside (the coarse strainer is set according to the water quality), the coarser impurities are filtered and then enter the fine screen, then the smaller impurities are blocked on the inner filtering element.The filtered water then flows out through the outlet.

    Self-cleaning mode can be started by pressing, timing or manual three ways, following the principle of pressure difference.
    When the internal and external pressure difference reaches the set value,  the self-cleaning mode starts.Drain pipe hydraulic valve open, sucking the scanner to produce negative pressure suction nozzle inside, absorbing impurities, at the same time sucking scanner in under electric motor along the inside surface mesh do reciprocating screw, movement, no cleaning blind area, impurities by the discharge outlet.
    The cleaning time of self-cleaning filter is set by the controller in advance, the drain valve is closed after cleaning, and little water loss in cleaning process.


    Product features


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    自清洗DLX-FW尺寸图_1.jpg  自清洗DLX-FW安装示例图_1.jpg


    On-site installation

    • sucking self-cleaning filter installation

      sucking self-cleaning filter installation

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