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    Welcome to Hunan Dawning Filter System Technology Co., Ltd official website

    Hunan Dawning Filter System Technology Co., Ltd

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    4 inch 3pcs automatic backwash disc filter4

    Filter units backwash one by one; Continuously supply water when filtering; Used for soft and fibrous impurities.



    Automatic disc filter system with disc filtering element(as below) with 2"/ 3" /4" backwash valves,air valve,manifolds,controller. 

    Easy to install. Automation available in 220V.

    Two operating states: filter state and backwash state


    Product features

    DLLF specification.png


    Design and selection of models

    1.Water quality classification

    A.: Water of good quality: city tap water, well water from stable aquifer.

    B.: Water of general quality: cooled circulating water, surface water treated by sedimentation, and drained water treated by effective deposition and completely biological treatment.

    C.: Water of relatively poor quality: groundwater from aquifer of poor quality, drained water treated by effective deposition but with poor biological treatment, and surface water with enormous microbes.

    D. The worst quality: well water with rich iron and manganese elements, surface water affected by flooding and without sedimentation, and drained water without precipitation and biological treatment.

    Different water qualities have different influences on the filter's operation period, so in general it is better to keep the system's backwash intervals no less than 1 hour.


    Selection of data table


    DLLF-4 inch.png

    On-site installation

    • Disk filter installation

      Disk filter installation

    • Disk filter installation

      Disk filter installation

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