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    Welcome to Hunan Dawning Filter System Technology Co., Ltd official website

    Hunan Dawning Filter System Technology Co., Ltd

    Committed water filtration system developing and producing since 2002



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    • Carbon filter
    • Water collector
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    Automatic backwash carbon filter

    Remove organics, colloids, heavy metals in water, remove bad odors such as residual chlorine, and reduce the color of water.



    Activated carbon is currently the most widely used adsorbent. It has micropores of various shapes in the middle of its lattice structure, forming a unique multi-porous structure,  which constitutes a huge adsorption area, so its adsorption capacity is particularly strong. 

    Carbon filter adopts adsorption method to effectively remove organic matters, colloids, heavy metals in water, remove bad odors such as residual chlorine and reduce the color of water. It is widely used in water purification of factories and towns, as well as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and ion exchange The system's pretreatment process section and the water quality of various types of deep purification equipment.

    Carbon filter.png

    Filtration principle:

           When the system is in the filtering state, when the water flows through the filter material layer, suspended matter is trapped by the filter material. The bottom of the filter has a water trap with a gap, and the filtered clean water flows out of the filter.

           Impurities are continuously accumulated in the filter material layer at any time. When the pressure difference increases to a certain set value or reaches the set cleaning, the system will automatically switch to the backwash state.


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    Widely used in food, medicine, electronics, chemical, industrial wastewater and other industries.

    Product features

    • Complete filtration solutions; Custom designed,manual or automatic backwash systems,

    • complete with manifolds, valves and controllers

    • Modularity and flexibility, wide range of vessel types and sizes(diameter 16”-96”) suitable for many filtration applications

    • High quality corrosion resistance vessels, inside and outside spray coating.

    • High efficiency; Advanced design for perfect water distribution during filtering and backwashing

    • All filters are rated to 1.0 Mpa.The water inlet pressure should be 0.2Mpa(Min.)

    • Various connection types, meeting all international standards.

    • Meets ISO 9001 standards

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    On-site installation

    • Carbon filter installation

      Carbon filter installation

    • Carbon filter installation

      Carbon filter installation

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